• The new technology of heart experience

    The starting speed of the early children’s electric ride on car is the running speed, which makes some children with less courage fear because of the sudden start of the car, so they can’t get a pleasant driving experience, while other brave children with more courage run amok when dr...
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  • What is the Lead Acid Battery?

    What is the Lead Acid Battery?

    Invented by the French physician Gaston Planté in 1859, lead acid was the first rechargeable battery for commercial use. Despite its advanced age, the lead chemistry continues to be in wide use today. There are good reasons for its popularity; lead acid is dependable and inexpensive on a cost-pe...
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  • What is Wear Resistant Wheels?

    Wear-resistant wheels are very widely used in children toy car,many of our products such as utv car,quad car,ride on atv,kids tractor and go kart also have wear resistant wheel.Let’s know more about it. Material Wear resistant wheels is made of superior PP material which have non-toxic, odo...
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  • How to ride smoothly on all kinds of Surfaces ?

    How to ride smoothly on all kinds of Surfaces ?

    How to ride smoothly on all kinds of Surfaces ? When we riding our electric car, we frequently various surfaces road.And it will be an obstacle, we cannot ride smoothly or pass. Orbic Toys committed to make children comfort,...
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  • Best Selling Models For First Quater Of 2021!

    Best Selling Models For First Quater Of 2021!

    Tmall sales data shows that the sales of safety seats in the first quarter increased by 44.9% vs last year, four-wheelstrolley increased by 22.3% vs last year.In 2021, these new travel products based on safety, comfort, fashion and versatility become a popular. ...
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  • Steady Development,Pursuit of Excellence

    Steady Development,Pursuit of Excellence

    Steady Development, Pursuit of Excellence Founded in Fuzhou 20 years ago,Fuzhou Tera Fund Plastic Products CO.,LTD. has always been a forward-looking company that makes steady progress over the years. We have the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Our expor...
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  • What are the effects of balance bikes on children’s various abilities?

    ①Balance bike training can exercise children’s basic physical stamina. The content of basic physical fitness includes many aspects, such as balance ability, body reaction ability, movement speed, strength, endurance, etc. All of the above can be achieved in the daily riding and training of ...
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