The new technology of heart experience

The starting speed of the early children’s electric ride on car is the running speed, which makes some children with less courage fear because of the sudden start of the car, so they can’t get a pleasant driving experience, while other brave children with more courage run amok when driving the children’s electric ride on car, and their parents were worried aside. Considering these, In order to improve children’s driving experience and reassure parents, some models have added slow start function and remote control priority function:

1. Children’s electric Soft start technology

Smooth cushioning technology, safe acceleration and deceleration, to ensure the baby’s driving safety.

2.Remote control priority

In the pedal and remote control status, the remote control can be controlled preferentially (to help parents better control safely)

(For models with the above two functions, please consult our sales for details)


Post time: Jan-17-2022

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