The 132nd Canton Fair will open virtually on October 15

The 132nd Canton Fair will open virtually on October 15. The National Pavilion sets up 50 exhibition sections according to 16 product categories, and the International Pavilion showcases 6 themes distributed in these 50 sections. Compared with previous sessions, this session features larger exhibition scale, longer service time and more complete online functions, presenting to buyers around the world an all-weather platform for trade matchmaking. and this time will be very different with before.

Larger exhibition scale. The 132nd Canton Fair has expanded the scope of exhibitors to provide more diversified choices for global buyers, and attracted 10,000 new exhibitors to the original 25,000 companies. Quality exhibiting companies of various industries represent the best of China’s manufacturing online, which offers more choices for buyers. In the meantime, the 132nd Canton Fair will continue to set up Cross-border E-commerce Zone and create a synergy with these e-commerce platforms; 132 cross-border e-commerce pilot zones and 5 cross-border e-commerce platforms will join Canton Fair’s activities at the same time.

Longer service time. Starting from the 132nd Canton Fair, its website will provide services for half a year. From October 15 to October 24, exhibitors and buyers can engage in all-weather networking on its official website. From October 24 to March 15, 2023, except for live-streaming and scheduling appointment, all other functions will remain available. It will be convenient for buyers to find products, meet with exhibitors and seize more opportunities.

More complete online functions. The official website has been further optimized for the 132nd session. The search function has been optimized and buyers can filter exhibitors according to their export markets. A number of new functions have been developed in instant communication to enable more convenient networking and more efficient trade matchmaking.

We will take more new items and collections there. look forward to seeing you in our online shworoom.


Post time: Sep-30-2022

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